Short Lives of the Saints – Saints Jonas and Barachisus, Martyrs

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In the eighth year of his reign, and about the year 327, Sapor, king of Persia, decreed a violent persecution against the Christians. At Hubaham a number of the persecuted brethren were cast into prison: and two brothers, named Jonas and Barachisus (who were Christians of the town of Bethasa). anxious to succor and console the confessors of Christ, exposed themselves to certain death by hastening to Hubaham and visiting the prisoners. After nine of the confessors were martyred, the heroic brothers were, in their turn denounced, and tortured to death; Jonas being crushed in two in a pressing-machine, and Barachisus stifled under a mask of boiling pitch which was poured upon his face.

They shine like Moses in the face,
  And teach our hearts without the rod,
That God’s grace is the only grace,
  And all grace is the grace of God.
    – Coventry Patmore

Favorite Practice – To manifest sincere love for thy neighbor, not in wordy but in deed.

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