Short Lives of the Saints – Saints Faustinus and Jovita, Martyrs

illustration of Saint Jovita and Saint Faustinus; taken from 'Pictorial Lives of the Saints', 1892, artist unknownEntry

These holy Christian brothers were natives of Brescia, in Lombardy, and were characterized by a fervent piety from their early youth. At that period none were admitted to Holy Orders save confessors of the faith, pr those who had signalized themselves by devoted acts. These Brescian brothers were, therefore, advanced to that great dignity as a reward for their zeal and singular holiness. Saint Faustinus as a priest, Saint Jovita as a deacon, both devoted themselves to the cause of religion, consoling the persecuted Christians and succoring the martyrs. They were eventually denounced for the faith, and were cast to the wild beasts. The bears and the lions, less cruel than their masters, allowed the martyrs to remain untouched; and the executioners, having first broken the brothers’ bones, beheaded them both at Brescia in the year 122.

When earth too closely presses,
  And heaven seems far away,
The thought of these will help you
  To turn to God and pray.
    – Father Matthew Russell, S.J.

Favorite Practice – Family union in prayer and good works.

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