Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Vincent, Martyr

Saint Vincent of SaragossaEntry

Saint Vincent was a deacon of the Church in Saragossa, Spain, in the fourth century. When the persecutions of Diocletian and Maximian raged against the Christians, Vincent was brought before the judges in chains. His ardent faith provoking the special anger of his enemies, he was beaten with rods at the pillory, torn with iron hooks, and cast upon burning coals. Remaining constant under all these tortures, the tyrant Valentius sought by healing the martyr’s wounds and surrounding him with luxuries to allure him from the faith, but the brave young hero resisted blandishments and torments alike, and expired from the effects of his wounds in 323, at the early age of twenty-three.

But firmly stood the holy youth,
  By many a guardian bright attended,
Unshrinking zeal and spotless truth
  In holy rapture calmly blended.
– Gerald Griffin

Favorite Practice – To resist with equal courage the fierce assaults and gentle allurements of the Enemy.

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