Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Timothy, Bishop and Martyr

illustration of the martyrdom of Saint Timothy, from 'Pictorial Lives of the Saints', 1892Entry

Saint Timothy was the child of a pagan father; but his mother Eunice and his grandmother Loyda were both devout Jews, and trained the boy to virtue from his earliest years. He became, in time, the spiritual and well-beloved son and co-laborer of the apostle Saint Paul; and the latter addressed to him two epistles which constitute a portion of the inspired Word. Having been made bishop of Ephesus by Saint Paul, Timothy, on one occasion, in striving to rescue from the idolaters some poor victims whom they were about to sacrifice to their false gods, became himself the prey of their fury. He was dragged through the streets of the city, and stoned to death, in the year 97.

What is the blessed prize? What crowns the victory?
It is the lily-white of pure Divinity.
– from the German of Father J. Scheffler (Angelus Silesius)

Favorite Practice – To sacrifice self to the demands of Christian charity.

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