Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Taraisius, Bishop

San Tarasio di ConstantinopleEntry

Saint Taraisius was patriarch of Constantinople about the middle of the eighth century. He had been reared in great luxury, but his chief care was to inculcate among his clergy and flock, by his own simplicity of life and devotion to the humblest functions of the ministry, a sincere and practical contempt for worldly pomps and gratifications. By his religious veneration for sacred images, he remedied the outrages of the Iconoclasts, and at the same time he firmly advocated the denunciation of the emperor Constantine V, who had divorced his lawful wife in order to marry a concubine. Taraisius, after a long and arduous episcopate, died in 806.

Blessed are they who die for God
  And earn the martyr’s crown of light;
Yet he who lives for God may be
  A greater conqueror in His sight.
    – Adelaide A. Procter

Favorite Practice – Simplicity of taste in all those personal matters which concern dress and social station.

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