Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Severus and His Three Brothers, Martyrs

the statuary 'Quattro Santi Coronati' by Nanni di Banco, 1408-1413, marble, Orsanmichele, Florence, ItalyEntry

The Sovereign Pontiff Paul II having been inspired by Heaven to rebuild a certain church on the boundary of the Lavican Way, God permitted the work to be the means of revealing the relics and titles of four of His hidden martyrs. It was known that this ancient church had been reared above the sacred remains of certain holy saints who were invoked under the title of the Four Crowned Martyrs. But nothing further was remembered of the history of those long-departed servants of God. The workmen, however, by the order of the Pope excavating the ruined old church, came upon a crypt beneath the altar, wherein lay concealed some vases or urns of porphyry. These, when opened by the proper authorities, were found to contain the precious relics and names of the Four Crowned Martyrs. They proved to be four brothers, Severus, Severian, Carpophorus, and Victorius, who were high civil officers of the city of Rome in the latter part of the third and beginning of the fourth century, and who suffered martyrdom under the emperor Diocletian in the year of our Lord 304.

Respect the past for all the good it knew:
Give noble lives and struggling truths their due.
    – John Boyle O’Reilly

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