Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Serenus, Martyr

Saint Serenus, Gardener, Martyr, from Pictorial Lives of the SaintsEntry

Saint Serenus was a Greek gardener, who (an exile from his native place) devoted his time to prayer and labor. A certain woman became enamored of the young Greek, as he wrought in the retirement of his garden at Sirmium, in Pannonia, and tried to allure him from virtue; but Serenus, like another Joseph, repulsed the temptress. Infuriated, she laid a complaint before her husband, who was serving in the body-guard of the emperor Maximian, and falsely accused Serenus of having insulted her. The saint, being arrested on this charge, by the mere force of his serene truth and his candor established his innocence before his judges; but the purity of his defense having caused him, then and there, to be recognized as a Christian, he was sentenced to the block, and martyred in the year 307.

… I cannot give
The counsel to do this and live;
But rather firmly to deny
The tempter, though his power is strong;
And inaccessible to wrong,
Still like a martyr live and die!
    – Henry W. Longfellow

Favorite Practice – A scrupulous vigilance against the assaults of sensuality.

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