Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Romuald, Abbot

image of Saint Romuald, a detail of the painting 'Adoration of the Child with Saints', by Fra Filippo Lippi, c.1463, tempera on wood, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, ItalyEntry

Saint Ravenna, about the year 956, Saint Romuald was born, and bred without true Christian training. His early years were wild and disorderly; but, having acted as second in a duel in which his own father fought and killed a relative, Romuald was so deeply impressed with the fatal result that he retired into a neighboring monastery, and there, touched by divine grace, made a spiritual retreat and became a monk. His father was enraged at this step, but the young convert, by his prayers and good example, finally induced his guilty parent to also renounce the world and become a religious. Saint Romuald ultimately founded a new Order, known as the Monks of Camaldoli, and died the death of the just in the year 1027.

Like Abraham ascending up the hill
To sacrifice, his servants left below,
That he might act the great Commander’s will
Without impeach to his obedient blow;
Even so, the soul, remote from earthly things,
Should mount Salvation’s shelter – Mercy’s wings.
    – Father Robert Southwell, S.J.

Favorite Practice – To prize the moment of grace, and to correspond promptly to it.

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