Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Proterius, Martyr


Saint Proterius was patriarch of Alexandria in 452, his predecessor, Dioscorus (a partisan of the arch-heretic Eutychius), having been deposed by the Council of Chalcedon. Great confusion and trouble prevailed in the divided city. Proterius, in his turn, was expelled violently from his see by the heretical Eutychians, but only to be restored again to his dignity by the civil power. The heretics, knowing the firmness of the rightful patriarch, and infuriated at their failure in deposing him, pursued him on Good Friday, in the year 457, to the church of Saint Quirinus. There in the baptistry they bound Proterius with cords, trampled on him, and dragged his body thence through the city streets. Finally, tearing the martyr limb from limb, they burnt his remains, and scattered his ashes to the winds.

Aromatic plants bestow
No spicy fragrance while they grow;
But, crushed or trodden to the ground,
Diffuse their balmy sweets around.
    – Oliver Goldsmith

Favorite Practice – To be firm in the cause of truth and right.

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