Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Peter Nolasco, Confessor

Saint Peter NolascoEntry

In the thirteenth century a vast number of Christians, captured by the infidels, were groaning in bondage, far from their native land. In order to rescue these afflicted souls, exposed to the risk of losing their faith, Peter Nolasco, a French gentleman and courtier of the king of Arragon, felt inspired by God to establish an association for that sublime object. He was joined by thirteen pious companions, and the Order was founded on August 10, 1218. An immense number of captives were ransomed by the instrumentality of Saint Peter and his followers. He was favored with a vision of the Blessed Virgin, as well as with the sensible support of the angels. He died in 1280.

Joy and gladness fill the heaven,
  When Night’s curtains are withdrawn;
Virgin! thou those smiles hast given –
  Thou, earth’s brightest, fairest dawn!
    – from the Spanish of Fra Alvaro de Hinojosa y Carbajal, OSB

Favorite Practice – By teaching the Christian doctrine, to free captive minds from the chains of ignorance.

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