Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Lucian, Priest and Martyr

Saint Lucian of Antioch in prison as depicted in a detail from the 11th century Menologian of Basil II; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsEntry

Saint Lucian was a native of Samosata, and was born in the latter part of the third century. At an early age he distributed his worldly goods to the poor, and after completing his theological studies was ordained priest. Besides his sacerdotal duties, he devoted himself to works of charity, and to the revision of the books of the Old and New Testament. Having been denounced as a Christian, Saint Lucian was put in chains and tortured for twelve whole days. Whilst he lay upon his prison-floor with his bones wounded and dislocated, some Christians, on the festival of the Epiphany, brought him the bread and wine, and there, making use of his own breast as an altar, he consecrated the elements, and gave the holy communion to himself and to the other Christians who surrounded him. Saint Lucian was martyred at Nicomedia, in the year 312.

The nuptial-guests are ready – exultant, calm, and strong
  Go forth the willing legions, the manna-nourished throng.
And he, the martyrs’ chieftain, who walks with firmest tread,
  Lay fettered in the dawn-light upon his dungeon bed;
Aye, there, in twofold office he shared the daybreak-feast,
  And offered love’s oblation, its altar and its priest!
– Harriet Skidmore

Favorite Practice – A frequent and, if possible, a daily attendance at the holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

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