Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Julian, Martyr

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While the persecution of the emperor Decius was afflicting the Church in Alexandria, and causing the faith of many weak Christians to waver or fail, a venerable man named Julian, who was paralyzed by age, was borne before the judges in a litter. As he was a staunch and uncompromising believer, neither his years nor his infirmities could interfere with his torments. He was bound to a camel, driven through the town, scourged, insulted, and at last thrown alive into a fire that had been kindled for him. His courage and constancy, however, were invincible, and not only inspired one of his own servants to undergo martyrdom, but also converted one of the pagan soldiers, who was put to death with Saint Julian.

And tell how, trampled, derided, hated,
And worn by weakness, disease, and wrong,
He fled for shelter to God.
    – James Clarence Mangan

Favorite Practice – To win others to virtue by the holy force of an edifying example.

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