Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Julian and Companions, Martyrs

illustration of Saint Julian; from 'Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints'Entry

Saint Julian and his young wife, Saint Basilla, some time in the third or fourth century, devoted their lives and property to the poor and sick. They turned their abode into a hospital, and entertained pilgrims, ministering in person to the needs of the afflicted. Imitating the example of the Immaculate Virgin and her holy spouse, Saint Joseph, Julian and his wife, on the day of their union, pronounced the solemn vow of chastity, and thereafter lived in its most faithful observance. Basilla was subjected to torture for the faith, but outlived the ordeal. Saint Julian, however, was martyred some years after, with many other holy confessors, being beheaded at Antioch on the 9th of January, 313.

Where hearts unstained . . .
  Have still a simple faith in God.
Hearts that, in pleasure and in pain,
  The more they’re trod, rebound the more.
– Denis Florence MacCarthy

Favorite Practice – To harbor the harborless.

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