Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Ignatius, Bishop and Martyr

Saint Ignatius of AntiochEntry

Saint Ignatius was the third bishop of Antioch. In the reign of the emperor Trajan he was condemned to be devoured by wild beasts, and was despatched to Rome in order that he might suffer for the faith in the public amphitheatre. He was inflamed with the most ardent desires to enjoy the vision of Christ Jesus, and was only fearful lest some unforeseen obstacle would postpone or prevent the tortures which were to admit him to that celestial delight. When he heard the roar of the lions in the arena, he cried out. “I am the wheat of Christ that is to be ground under the tooth of the beasts.” This martyrdom took place in the year 107.

Not with the hope of gaining aught,
  Not seeking a reward.
But as Thyself hast loved me,
  O ever-loving Lord!

E’en so I love Thee and will love,
  And in Thy praise will sing,
Solely because Thou art my God,
  And my eternal King.
    – Missal

Favorite Practice – A cheerful acceptance of petty trials, exclaiming with Saint Ignatius, in the midst of suffering, “Now, indeed, do I begin to be the disciple of Jesus Christ!”

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