Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Eucherius, Bishop and Confessor

Saint Eucherius of OrleansEntry

Saint Eucherius was a scion of an illustrious family of Orleans; and Savarius, the bishop of that town, was his uncle. On the death of the latter, in 771, Eucherius was forced to quit the abbey of Jumieges (where he was living in religious retirement), and became bishop of Orleans in his uncle’s stead. He discharged the duties of his high position with saintly fervor and fidelity. Having refused to bestow upon Charles Martel and his soldiers the property of the Church, which the holy bishop considered the patrimony of the poor, he was driven into exile, and persecuted fiercely for six years by the minions of Charles. Worn out with fatigue and suffering, Saint Eucherius died in 793, having worn the mitre for twenty-two years.

  O pure and blessed soul
  That, from thy clay’s control
Escaped, hast sought and found thy native sphere,
  And from thy crystal throne
  Look’st down, with smiles alone.
On this vain scene of mortal hope and fear.
    – from the Italian of Jacopo Sannazzaro

Favorite Practice – To meekly endure persecution for justice’ sake.

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