Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Emiliana, Virgin

illustration of Saint Emiliana of Rome from 'Pictorial Half Hours with the Saints'Entry

Saint Emiliana was a daughter of the Roman senator Gordian. She was one of a family of saints; her uncle being the Pope Saint Felix, and her nephew the famous Saint Gregory the Great. With her sister, Saint Thrasilla, Emiliana made a vow of chastity, and devoted herself to an ascetic life in their father’s house. Thrasilla was first called to her reward, but shortly after her death she appeared to Saint Emiliana, inviting her to celebrate with her in heaven the approaching feast of the Epiphany. In response, as it were, to the celestial invitation, Emiliana died the following day, January 5, which was the vigil of that blessed festival.

Happy soul! she shall discover
  What joy, what bliss,
How many heavens at once it is,
  To have a God become her Lover!
– Richard Crashaw

Favorite Practice – A sweet solicitude to preserve family union and harmony.

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