Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Cunegunda, Queen

detail of a painting of Saint Cunegundes, c.1535, by Master of Meßkirch; side altars of Saint Martin's Church, Meßkircher, Germany; currently in the Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, Germany; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsEntry

The wife of the emperor Henry II, Saint Cunegunda during the lifetime of her royal husband exercised her power continually in the cause of the poor and oppressed. She founded numerous monasteries, churches, and bishoprics; and on the death of Henry II, she called together the prelates of the empire, and in their presence cast her imperial robes and insignia at the foot of the crucifix. Then, having received the religious veil and habit, she withdrew to a convent, and lived there the life of an humble, obedient, and laborious nun, until her death in the year 1040.

I from my memory have effaced
  All former joys, all kindred, friends;
All honors that ray station graced
  I hold but snares that fortune sends:
Hence! joys by Christ at distance cast,
That we may be His own at last!
    – from the French of Queen Margaret of Navarre

Favorite Practice – To detach one’s self, at least in spirit, from the honors and riches of the world.

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