Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Balbina, Virgin

Saint Balbina of RomeEntry

Saint Balbina was the daughter of a Roman knight named Quirinus, in the second century of the Christian era. The holy Pope Saint Alexander being in prison, Quirinus, although a pagan, went to visit the suffering Pontiff, and confided to him his anxiety about his young daughter, Balbina, who was of a marriageable age, but was disfigured by a hideous scrofula on her neck. The Pope replied that if the chains he then wore were placed upon Balbina’s throat she would be cured of her malady. The maiden being brought and touched with the Pontiff’s chains, was, indeed, immediately healed. As a consequence of the miracle. Quirinus, with his daughter and family, received baptism, and adhered so zealously to the faith that the former was martyred under the emperor Aurelian. Saint Balbina continued to carry on her father’s works of mercy, until she herself was denounced. But although brought before the emperor, her life was spared, and she returned, a martyr in desire, to devote her days thenceforward to visiting the sick and feeding the poor. This occurred about the year 167.

. . . Onward thou shalt go,
Bearing thy own and cheering others’ woe;
Treading the path where guiding angels lead,
And scattering on thy way the priceless seed
Which, sown in tears, is harvested in joy.
    – Lady Fullerton

Favorite Practice – Filial devotedness, whose reward is a long and peaceful life.

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