Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Arcadius, Martyr

Saint Arcadius of MauretaniaEntry

Saint Arcadius was a wealthy and high-born Christian of Caesarea, who during the persecution of Valerian, about the year 257, fled away to escape the tortures of martyrdom. One of his relatives offered himself to die in his stead; and when Arcadius heard of the heroic act, his heart was so moved that he returned at once and surrendered himself to the judge. Threats and allurements were tried in turn to drive him to apostatize; but sooner than deny the faith of Christ, Arcadius suffered his executioners to cut off his limbs, one by one, and finally to disembowel him. His dying prayer was, “My God, forgive them: they know not what they do!”

. . . He seemed, in swift career,
Caught up to an expanse of perfect white,
Adorned with thousand flames that gave a golden light.
– from the Italian of Torquato Tasso

Favorite Practice – A generous forgetfulness of self with those who annoy us.

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