Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Aphraates, Hermit

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During the reign of the emperor Valens, towards the year 375, a pious solitary named Aphraates lived in a hermitage at some distance from Edessa, in Mesopotamia. He divided his time between prayer and manual labor, and was a zealous opponent of the Arians who infested the town of Edessa. He boldly preached the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and upheld by miracles the truth of His doctrines. He effected cures upon the infirm, which made-him very popular; but his delicate modesty was such that he sedulously averted his gaze from persons of the opposite sex. so that (it was said) he never actually beheld a woman. The exact date of his death is not known.

Virgins who walk a spotless band,
  And hermits from the desert-land,
Who dwell above the stars, prepare
  Celestial seats with us to share.
    – Placare Christi Servulis

Favorite Practice – To avoid the occasion of sin, keeping a special guard over the eyes.

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