Short Lives of the Saints – Saint Anthony, Abbot

statue of Saint Anthony the Abbot; date and artist unknown; Gandesa, Spain; photographed on 17 January 2015 by Marc Jornet Niella; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsEntry

Born in Coma, in Upper Egypt, in 251, Saint Anthony, while still in the flower of his youth, distributed his great wealth among the poor of Christ and retired into the desert. There he passed his days in strict poverty and the practice of heroic mortifications, devoting himself to silence, prayer, and manual labor. After a probation of mystical trials, and assaults of the Evil One, his reputation for sanctity drew around him thousands of disciples, to whom he gave a monastic rule; and in the direction of whom he became a very master and patriarch of cenobites. He died in the desert in 356, at the age of 105.

This is the sanctuary of the soul:
  Here comes no murmur of the ways of men;
I kneel in rapture at the holy goal,
    And breathe again.
– John Arthur Henry

Favorite Practice – To devote each day some little time to the consideration of the things of Eternity.

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