Short Lives of the Dominican Saints – Blessed Aimo Taparelli, Confessor

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(A.D. 1395-1495)

Almo Taparelli was a member of the illustrious family of the Counts of Lagnasco, and was born at Savigliano in Piedmont, A.D. 1395. As a youth he was remarkable both for his great personal beauty and his singular talents; but, in spite of every advantage which the world could offer, he very early resolved to embrace the religious life and entered the Dominican Convent of his native place. He was no less distinguished for his sweetness of disposition, humility, and mortification than for his earnest application to study. Whilst still young, he was called upon to teach publicly in the University of Turin, where he gained universal applause. He found leisure also for preaching, and had the consolation of bringing a vast number of sinners to repentance and of reconciling many heretics to the Church. His fame reached the ears of Blessed Amadeo, Duke of Savoy, who made choice of him to preach at his court and is said to have sometimes consulted him on the affairs of his conscience.

After the martyrdom of Blessed Bartholomew of Cerverio, Blessed Aimo was appointed his successor as Commissary of the Inquisition and shortly afterwards Inquisitor-General in Upper Lombardy and Liguria, a difficult and laborious office, which he continued to discharge until his death. He also filled important posts as Prior of Savigliano and Vicar Provincial, in which capacity he did much for the promotion of regular discipline.

In the midst of his manifold labours he preserved great recollection and peace of soul. These words were ever on his lips, “To serve God is to reign.” He inscribed them on the walls of his cell and in another form on the front of the Church: “Our salvation consists solely in serving God. All else is deceit.” Sola salus servire Deo; sunt cetera fraudes. His whole life was a practical illustration of this maxim. He was much given to prayer and offered the Holy Sacrifice with extraordinary devotion. He was wont often to retire to a solitary mountain in the neighbourhood of Saluzzo, there to devote himself to contemplation and to keep up the fire of Divine love in his soul. He bore a special devotion to the Holy Angels, conversing familiarly with them and being often favoured by their visits. On the Festival of Saint Hippolytus and his Companions, Martyrs, as he recited in the Office the words, “The Saints shall rejoice in glory,” the Angels responded, “They shall be joyful in their beds.” This he took to be a sign of his approaching death, which happened two days later on the Feast of the Assumption of our Blessed Lady, towards whom he had ever borne a tender devotion. On the day of his death he recited his office and received the Last Sacraments. In his agony, the holy old man, who was in his hundredth year, clasped his crucifix closely to his breast and continued to hold it tightly long after his spirit had departed. This happened in the year 1495. At the beginning of the present century the remains of Blessed Aimo were translated to the Church of Saint Dominic at Turin. He was beatified by Pius IX.


O Almighty God, to serve whom is to reign, grant, through the merits and intercession of Blessed Aimo, Thy Confessor, whom Thou didst render a signal Feb. 21 champion of the faith, that, faithfully keeping Thy commandments upon earth, we may deserve to enjoy Thy eternal kingdom with him in heaven. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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