Sea of Galilee

[Sea of Galilee]
A lake in Palestine, about 13 miles long, and 7.5 miles wide, which lies in the Jordan gorge. In the time of Our Lord, vines and fig-trees and thick forests surrounded it, the nearby plains yielded rich harvests twice a year, and many cities were situated on its shores. Today they are barren and desolate, with only a few straggling villages. The Sea of Galilee is closely connected with the life of Our Lord: He came and went from one side to another with His disciples, to spread His teaching and perform miracles; commanded the winds and sea, and there came a great calm (Matthew 8); walked on its surface (Matthew 14); and explained the parables (Matthew 13). There took place the two miraculous draughts of fishes, after the first of which the Apostles were called (Luke 5) and after the second Peter was made Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth (John 21). On another occasion a tax was paid through a miraculous catch (Matthew 17).