New Catholic Dictionary – Samuel

detail from 'Hannah Giving Her Son Samuel to the Priest', by Jan Victors, 1645, Staatliche Museen, BerlinDerivation

  • Hebrew: God hath heard


The last Judge of Israel. He was born at Ramatha in the mountains of Ephraim, c.1132 B.C., the son of Elcana and Anna, who vowed before his birth to give him to the Lord (1 Kings 1). He delivered the Israelites from the rule of the Philistines (1 Kings 7), and is believed by some to be the author of the books of Judges and Ruth, and the first 24 verses of 1 Kings. In his old age he appointed his sons judges over Israel, but they displeased the ancients, who asked him for a king, and the Lord told him to anoint Saul (1 Kings 8).

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