Saints of the Day – Vimin of Holywood, Bishop


(Vivian, Wynnin, Gwynnin) 6th century. Saint Vimin, a Scottish bishop whose history is very confused, is said to have been the founder of the monastery of Holywood at Nithsdale. It is related that Vimin was an abbot in Fifeshire when he was consecrated bishop. He actively evangelized the region. In order to avoid the temptations to pride that accompanied his many miracles, he moved to a deserted place and founded Holywood (Sacrumboscum), which later became famous for producing many holy and learned men, particularly the 13th- century John of Sacrobosco. The family of Wemse in Fifeshire is said to be of the same lineage as Vimin (Attwater2, Benedictines, Husenbeth).

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