Saints of the Day – Victorinus of Pettau

Saint Victorinus of PettauArticle

Born in Greece; died in Styria, c.303. Victorinus became bishop of Pettau in Styria, Upper Pannonia, and was martyred during the persecutions of Diocletian.

One of his beliefs was that Christ would come a second time to reign on earth for a thousand years. This was later considered an error and a heresy. The result, sadly, is that scarcely any of Victorinus’s writings have survived, for – although a saintly man and a martyr – his views were considered tainted. All we possess is a commentary he wrote on the Book of revelation and another book, a mixture of speculative science and theology, On the creation of the world.

In fact he was the first Christian ever to write Latin expositions of the Scriptures. Saint Jerome admired him, and tells us he wrote commentaries on many Old and New Testament books. He reports that, although the Latin was vulgar, Victorinus was a bishop of great learning. Thus a piece of unnecessary censorship has denied us access to the mind and thinking of one of our early Christian forefathers. Even the account of his sufferings and death at the hands of the emperor has disappeared (Benedictines, Bentley, Encyclopedia, Husenbeth).

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