Saints of the Day – Salvius of Amiens, Bishop


(also known as Salve, Sauve, Sauvre) Died c.625; Farmer places feast on January 12. Although Bishop Salvius of Amiens, who flourished under Theodoric II, is listed as such in the Roman Martyrology, he may not have been a martyr in the strict sense. He was, however, one of the great miracle-workers of his time and is often confused with other saints of the same name. Some believe that the relics of Saint Salvius that rest in Canterbury Cathedral are his, but they are believed to be at Montreuil in Picardy (Benedictines, Encyclopedia, Farmer). Saint Salvius in art is a bishop with a casket of relics of Saint Firmin. Sometimes he is shown (1) exhorting people from the pulpit, (2) finding the body of Saint Firmin, or (3) translating the saint’s relics as he follows (Roeder).

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