Saints of the Day – Saint Bernardo degli Uberti, Cardinal

Saint Bernardo degli Uberti as depicted in a detail from the painting 'Assumption With Four Saints', by Pietro Perugino, 1500; Accademia Gallery, Florence, Italy; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Died 1133. A native of Florence, Italy, Saint Bernardo was professed a monk at Vallombrosa. He was appointed successively abbot of San Salvi, general of Vallombrosa, cardinal (1097), papal legate, and finally bishop of Parma (1106). He had plenty of worries because Parma at that time was the storm-center of the anti-pope’s supporters. Twice he was exiled, but he proved a most resourceful prelate (Benedictines, Encyclopedia).

Saint Bernardo is portrayed as an elderly bearded cardinal who is carried to heaven by angels. Sometimes he is shown (1) preaching; (2) giving alms; (3) blessing; (4) exorcising; or (5) appearing to votaries after his death. Venerated at Parma (Roeder).

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