Saints of the Day – Pega

Saint Pega of PeakirkArticle

Born in Mercia, England; died in Rome, Italy, c.719. Saint Pega, the virgin sister of Saint Guthlac of Croyland, had her hermitage in the Fens (Peakirk = Pega’s church in Northhamptonshire) near that of her brother. When he realized that his death was near (714), he invited her to his funeral. In order to get there, Pega is said to have sailed down the Welland, and cured a blind man from Wisbech en route. Guthlac bequeathed to her his psalter and scourge, both of which she gave to the monastery that grew up around his hermitage. After Guthlac’s death, she is said to have made a pilgrimage to Rome and to have died there. Ordericus Vitalis claimed that her relics survived in an unnamed Roman church in his day and that miracles occurred there (Attwater, Benedictines, Colgrave, Farmer).

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