Saints of the Day – Paul and 36 Christian Soldiers, Martyrs


Dates unknown. A band of 36 other Christian noblemen decided to evangelize Egypt. They divided themselves in four groups headed by Paul, Recombus, Theonas, and Papias to go to each corner of the country. They labored zealously to extend the kingdom of Christ – planting the faith, instructing the docile, and purifying the souls of penitents who confessed their sins. But, as is generally the case in this world, most people preferred the darkness rather than light. The evangelists suffered many types of injuries before they were apprehended and put in irons. The governor had them brought before him and attempted to compel them to sacrifice. Answering in the name of his fellows, Paul said that it was better for them to die than to sacrifice. The judge condemned them all to death: those who went to the east and south, to be burned; those from the north, to be beheaded; and those from the west to be crucified. But he was affrighted and surprised beyond expression to see with what joy and courage this brave army marched out, and bowed their heads to death. They suffered on January 18, but the year is not mentioned in their acts (Gill, Husenbeth).

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