Saints of the Day – Mawnan (Maunanus) of Cornwall


Date unknown; another feast is shown on December 26 in Ireland. There is a town in Cornwall named Mawnan. One source also identifies him with Magnenn of Kilmainham, an Irish roving bishop who had a pet ram, was given to cursing his enemies, and favored bizarre austerities. Mawnan once asked counsel from Saint Maelruain, who roundly refused to administer absolution to a man who did not work for his daily bread, but instead lived on alms.

A prophecy is attributed to Mawnan: “A time shall come when girls shall be pert and tart of tongue; when there will be grumbling and discontent among the lower classes and lack of reverence to elders; when churches will be slackly attended and women shall exercise wiles.” The exact identity of Mawnan is uncertain; he may be this saint or simply a local founder of whom nothing is known (Farmer).

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