Saints of the Day – Marcellinus of Carthage

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Died 413. As tribunal secretary to Emperor Honorius in Africa, the married Marcellinus and his brother, the judge Apringius (Agrarius), were sent to Carthage to preside over a meeting between Catholic and Donatist bishops. At the end of the conference, Marcellinus ordered the Donatists to return to the Catholic faith and with his brother Apringius enforced his decree with severity.

The angry Donatist sought revenge. Before Marinus, the general in charge of quelling the insurrection, the Donatists accused the brothers of conspiracy in the rebellion led by Heraclius. Marinus had Marcellinus and Apringius peremptorily executed at Carthage, an action for which he was later reprimanded by the emperor.

Saint Augustine dedicated his greatest work City of God to “My dear friend Marcellinus” (Benedictines, Delaney, Encyclopedia).

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