Saints of the Day – Maimbod, Martyr


Died January 23, c.880. Saint Maimbod was a martyr who went to Alsace from Ireland as a missionary. Maimbod was a pilgrim to the tombs of many saints, as he wandered he spread the faith throughout northern Italy and Gaul. In Burgundy a nobleman gave him hospitality and unsuccessfully pressed him to settle there. Upon Maimbod’s departure, the nobleman gave Maimbod a pair of gloves as a reminder to pray for him. He was praying at the church of Domnipetra near Katlenbrunn eight miles from Besançon, when he was set upon by some robbers who believed he had money because he was wearing gloves. When miracles began to occur at his tomb in Domnipetra, Count Aszo of Monteliard asked the blind Bishop Berengarius for a gift of the saint’s relics. Berengarius delegated the translation ceremony to his coadjutor, Bishop Stephen. During the rite, Berengarius miraculously received his sight and instituted a feast in honor of the saint. Although Maimbod’s relics were destroyed in the 16th century, his feast his commemorated in the diocese of Besançon (Attwater2, Benedictines, Coulson, D’Arcy, Encyclopedia, Fitzpatrick, O’Hanlon, O’Kelly).

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