Saints of the Day – Justus of Canterbury

statue of Saint Justus of Canterbury, Rochester Cathedral, sculptor unknown; taken in May 2006 by Polylerus; swiped off the Wikipedia web siteArticle

Died 627. Justus came to England with the second band of Roman priests sent by Saint Gregory the Great in 601 to reinforce the mission to the Anglo-Saxons. In 604 Saint Augustine of Canterbury consecrated him the first bishop of Rochester. He fled to Gaul with Saint Mellitus during the heathen reaction after the death of King Ethelbert of Kent in 616, but soon returned.

In 624, Justus became the fourth archbishop of Canterbury, succeeding Saint Laurence. It was Justus who consecrated Saint Paulinus when Paulinus accompanied Saint Ethelburga of Kent to her marriage with King Saint Edwin of Northumbria. When sending him the pallium, the badge of his new office, Pope Boniface V wrote of Justus’s known constancy and vigilance in the cause of Christ’s Gospel.

The Saint Justus or Just whose name occurs in two Cornish parishes has not been adequately identified (Attwater, Benedictines, Delaney).

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