Saints of the Day – Julian Maunoir, S.J.

detail of an illustration of Blessed Julian Maunoir; date and artist unknown; chapelle de Ty Mamm Doué, Quimper, France; photographed on 16 November 2011 on Moreau.henri; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Born at Saint-Georges-de Reitembault (near Rennes), France, in 1606; died in Plévin, 1683; beatified in 1951. Julian was raised in the heart of a pious family. He entered the Society of Jesus and took vows in 1625. After his ordination in 1637, he begged to be sent on mission to Canada, but he was needed closer to home. Julian became an apostle to Brittany. He mastered the language, and preached his revivals so effectively that he is said to have recalled 30,000 to God in two years. Of course, not everyone agreed with his methods during his 40 years of “working and weeping, suffering and dying” for the Bretons, but the bishops encouraged his work and many secular priests joined in his mission. He died at an advanced age, worn out by his labors (Attwater2, Benedictines).

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