Saints of the Day – Gunthiern of Brittany

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Died c.500. Gunthiern, a Welsh prince, left his homeland in his youth to become a hermit in Brittany (Armorica). On the Isle of Groie near the mouth of the Blavet, he was given land for a monastery by the local lord, Grallon, who was impressed by Gunthiern’s holiness. The abbey is known as Kemperle, which indicates its location between the Isol and Wile Rivers. Once a swarm of insects threatened to devour the crops. Count Guerech I of Vannes, dreading a famine, sent three dignitaries to request the saint’s intercession to turn away the scourge. Gunthiern blessed some water and told them to sprinkle it over the fields. When they followed Gunthiern’s instructions the insects were destroyed.

During the Norman invasions, Gunthiern’s body was concealed in the isle of Groie. When it was discovered in the eleventh century, it was translated to the monastery of Kemperle, which now belongs to the Benedictine Order. Saint Gunthiern is patron of this abbey as well as of many other churches and chapels in Brittany (Benedictines, Husenbeth).

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