Saints of the Day – Forty Martyrs of England and Wales


Died 16th and 17th centuries; canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1970. Each of the individual saints has his own feast day in addition to the corporate one today. The dates vary in the diocesan calendars of England and Wales. The forty are only a small portion of the many martyrs of the period whose causes have been promoted. All suffered for continuing to profess the Catholic faith following King Henry VIII’s promulgation of the Act of Supremacy, which declared that the king of England was the head of the Church of England.

Most of them were hanged, drawn, and quartered – a barbaric execution, which meant that the individual was hanged upon a gallows, but cut down before losing consciousness. While still alive – and conscious, they were then ripped up, eviscerated, and the hangman groped about among the entrails until he found the heart – which he tore out and showed to the people before throwing it on a fire (Undset).

The list below gives very basic details. More information is given on the individual feast day listed.

Alban Bartholomew Roe – Benedictine priest (born in Suffolk; died at Tyburn, 1642) (f.d. January 21).

Alexander Briant – priest (born in Somerset, England; died at Tyburn, 1851) (f.d. December 1).

Ambrose Edward Barlow – Benedictine priest (born in Manchester, England, 1585; died at Lancaster, 1641) (f.d. September 10).

Anne Higham Line – widow, for harboring priests (born at Dunmow, Essex, England; died at Tyburn, 1601) (f.d. February 27).

Augustine Webster – Carthusian priest (died at Tyburn, 1535) (f.d. May 4).

Cuthbert Mayne – Priest (born in Youlston, Devonshire, England, 1544; died at Launceston, 1577) (f.d. November 30).

David Lewis – Jesuit priest, (born at Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales, in 1616; died at Usk 1679) (f.d. August 27).

(Brian) Edmund Arrowsmith – Jesuit priest (born Haydock, England, 1584; died at Lancaster in 1628) (f.d. August 28).

Edmund Campion – Jesuit priest (born in London, England, c.1540; died at Tyburn, 1581) (f.d. December 1).

Edmund Jennings (Genings, Gennings) – priest (born at Lichfield, England, in 1567; died at Tyburn 1591) (f.d. December 10).

Eustace White – priest (born at Louth, Lincolnshire, England; died at Tyburn, 1591) (f.d. December 10).

Henry Morse – Jesuit priest (born at Broome, Suffolk, England, in 1595; died at Tyburn, 1645) (f.d. February 1).

Henry Walpole – Jesuit priest (born at Docking, Norfolk, England, 1558; died at York in 1595) (f.d. April 7).

John Almond – priest (born at Allerton, near Liverpool, England, 1577; died at Tyburn, 1612) (f.d. December 5).

John Boste – priest (born in Dufton, Westmorland, England, c.1544; died at Dryburn near Durham, 1594) (f.d. July 24).

John Houghton – Carthusian priest (born in Essex, England, in 1487; died at Tyburn, 1535) (f.d. May 4).

John Jones (alias Buckley) – Friar Observant (born in Clynog Fawr, Carnavonshire, Wales; died at Southwark, London, in 1598) (f.d. July 12).

John Kemble – priest (born at Saint Weonard’s, Herefordshire, England, in 1599; died at Hereford in 1679) (f.d. August 22).

John Lloyd – priest, Welshman (born in Brecknockshire, Wales; died in Cardiff, Wales, in 1679) (f.d. July 22).

John Paine (Payne) – priest (born at Peterborough, England; died at Chelmsford, 1582) (f.d. April 2).

John Plessington (a.k.a. William Pleasington) – priest (born at Dimples Hall, Lancashire, England; died at Barrowshill, Boughton outside Chester, England, 1679) (f.d. July 19).

John Rigby – household retainer of the Huddleston family (born near Wigan, Lancashire, England, c.1570; died at Southwark in 1601) (f.d. June 21).

John Roberts – Benedictine priest, Welshman (born near Trawsfynydd Merionethshire, Wales, in 1577; died at Tyburn, 1610) (f.d. December 10).

John Southworth – priest (born in Lancashire, England, in 1592; died at Tyburn 1654) (f.d. June 28).

John Stone – Augustinian friar (born in Canterbury, England; died at Canterbury, c.1539) (f.d. December 27).

John Wall – Franciscan priest (born in Lancashire, England, 1620; died at Redhill, Worcester, in 1679) (f.d. August 22).

Luke Kirby – priest (born at Bedale, Yorkshire, England; died at Tyburn, 1582) (f.d. May 30).

Margaret Middleton Clitherow – wife, mother, and school mistress (born in York, England, c.1555; died at York in 1586) (f.d. March 25).

Margaret Ward – gentlewoman who engineered a priest’s escape from jail (born in Congleton, Cheshire, England; died at Tyburn in 1588) (f.d. August 30).

Nicholas Owen – Jesuit laybrother (born at Oxford, England; died in the Tower of London in 1606) (f.d. March 2).

Philip Evans – Jesuit priest, (born in Monmouthshire, Wales, in 1645; died in Cardiff, Wales, in 1679) (f.d. July 22).

Philip Howard – Earl of Arundel and Surrey (born in 1557; died in the Tower of London, believed to have been poisoned, 1595) (f.d. October 19).

Polydore Plasden – priest (born in London, England; died at Tyburn, in 1591) (f.d. December 10).

Ralph Sherwin – priest (born at Rodsley, Derbyshire, England; died at Tyburn, 1851) (f.d. December 1).

Richard Gwyn – poet and schoolmaster; protomartyr of Wales (born at Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire, Wales, in 1537; died at Wrexham, Wales, in 1584) (f.d. October 17).

Richard Reynolds – Brigittine priest (born in Devon, England, c.1490; died Tyburn in 1535) (f.d. May 4).

Robert Lawrence – Carthusian priest (died at Tyburn in 1535) (f.d. May 4).

Robert Southwell – Jesuit priest (born at Horsham Saint, Norfolk, England, c.1561; died at Tyburn in 1595) (f.d. February 21).

Swithun Wells – schoolmaster (born at Bambridge, Hampshire, England, in 1536; died at Gray’s Inn Fields, London, 1591) (f.d. December 10). Mrs. Wells was also condemned to death, but was reprieved and died in prison, 1600).

Thomas Garnet – Jesuit priest (born at Southwark, England; died at Tyburn, in 1608) (f.d. June 23).

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