Saints of the Day – Flora and Mary

Saint Flora of CordobaArticle

Died 856. The story of Flora and Mary is told by Saint Eulogius of Cordova in his Exhortation to Martyrdom. Flora was the daughter of an Islamic father, born in Cordova, Spain, and secretly raised a Christian by her mother.

Flora was betrayed by her brother, scourged, and put into his custody that he might persuade her to apostatize. She escaped, but later while praying in Saint Acislus Church she met Mary, sister of a deacon who had been martyred, and they both decided defiantly to give themselves up to the magistrate as Christians. The magistrate locked them up in a cell, threatening to sell them to a brothel if they did not defy Christ. Saint Eulogius wrote to them, “They threaten you with a shameful slavery, but do not fear: no harm can touch your souls whatever infamy in inflicted on your bodies.” When their ordeal failed to shake their constancy, they were beheaded by order of Abderrahman (Abd ar-Rahman) II (Attwater, Benedictines, Delaney, Encyclopedia).

Flora and Mary are depicted as two maidens beheaded by Moors; flowers spring from Flora’s severed head. Venerated at Cordova (Roeder).

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