Saints of the Day – Flannan of Killaloe


7th century. Legend says that Flannan was the disciple and successor to Saint Molua, founder of Killaloe monastery. Like so many Irish monks before him, Flannan was a missionary who roved the countryside preaching the Good News. His legend attributes to him churches at Lough Corrib and at Inishbofin, and an incident on the Isle of Man. Pope John IV consecrated the Flannan as the first bishop of Killaloe.

Flannan labored in the Hebrides and gave his name to the Flannan Isles, west of Lewis and Harris in Scotland, where the ruins of Flannan chapel may be found. In spite of all his toil, he managed to recite the entire Psalter daily. He is the patron of Killaloe diocese where his relics formerly rested in the cathedral next to his stone oratory, but he also has a cultus in Scotland on the same day (Benedictines, Farmer, Montague).

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