Saints of the Day – Felix of Thibiuca


Died at Carthage, July 15, 303. The bishop of Thibiuca in north Africa was one of the earliest victims of the measures taken by Diocletian to restrain Christianity. The first edict order, among other things, the destruction of all Christian writings, and Bishop Felix was told to hand in the sacred books to the authorities. He refused, and maintained his refusal before the proconsul at Carthage: “It is better that I should be burned,” he said, “than that the holy Scriptures should be treated thus; it is better to obey God rather than men.” He was executed for his disobedience, and buried at Carthage.

The early account of the passion of Saint Felix was later interpolated with a story that he was handed over by the proconsul to the praetorian prefect, who conveyed him to Italy. There Felix repeated his refusal, and was beheaded at Venosa in Apulia. This addition is wholly fictitious (Attwater, Benedictines).

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