Saints of the Day – Eusebius of Mount Coryphe, Hermit


4th century. Eusebius, a Syrian hermit, lived on Mount Coryphe near Antioch, where he ruled a community. He was a very eloquent homilist, and his life preached just as well. He himself ate only once every four days, but he would not allow his monks to fast for more than two days at a time. Although he advocated the benefits of penitential mortification of the senses, he more highly recommended perpetual prayer. He was harsh with himself. His mind wondered as he was listening to his abbatial predecessor read the Scriptures aloud. To punish himself for his inattention to the Word of God, he locked a heavy iron collar around his neck, which was connected by a stiff chain to an iron girdle around his wait. For the rest of his life – more than 40 years – he wore this contraption which prevented him from looking at his feet. Thereafter, he left his cell only to visit the chapel (Attwater2, Benedictines, Husenbeth).

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