Saints of the Day – Emilian Cucullatus, Abbot

statue of Saint Emilian Cucullatus, Monasterio de San Millan, artist unknown; photograph taken in 2008 by Cenobio; swiped off WikipediaArticle

(also known as Aemilian, Emilianus or Millan of Cucullatus or La Cogolla or de la Gogolla)

Died 574. A shepherd at La Rioja, Navarre, Spain, he became a hermit when 20. After a brief stay at home, he spent the next 40 years in extreme solitude as a hermit in the mountains around Burgos when at the insistence of the bishop of Tarazona, he was ordained.

He became a parish priest at Berceo but because of his excessive charity was forced to leave and with several disciples resumed his eremitical life. He died at the age of 100. Tradition says the mountain hermitage he occupied near Burgos became the site of the Benedictine monastery of La Cogolla. He is a minor patron of Spain, where he is known as San Millan de la Cogolla – the cowled Saint Emilian (Benedictines, Delaney, Encyclopedia).

Saint Millan is represented as a monk on horseback fighting the Moors, and sometimes as a Benedictine on horseback holding a banner and sword. Abbot of La Cogolla, Tarazona. Minor patron saint of Spain (Roeder).

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