Saints of the Day – Conan of Iona, Bishop


(also known as Conon) Died on the Isle of Man, c.648. We know that Conan actually lived, but everything else is uncertain. He was probably from Scotland or Ireland, where he is said to have been a model of piety from his infancy. He may have taught Saint Fiacre during the latter’s childhood (according to some vitas of Fiacre). He apparently lived and worked in the Hebrides, Scotland, and the Isle of Man, where he finished the evangelization of the people begun by Saint Patrick, because various places bear his name. He was probably consecrated bishop of the Isle of Man, where he is venerated as the first bishop of Sodor, which, anachronistically, is a Viking term denoting ‘southern islands’ as distinct from the Shetlands and Orkneys, which were ‘northern islands.’ The veneration of Saint Conan throughout the Hebrides continued after the Reformation (Attwater2, Benedictines, Coulson, Encyclopedia, Farmer, Husenbeth, Montague).

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