Saints of the Day – Colman of Cloyne

detial of a stained glass window depicting Saint Colman of Cloyne, created by Mayer and Company, 1886; Saint Mary's Church, Buttevant, County Cork, Ireland; photographed on 8 September 2012 by Andreas F. Borchert; swiped from Wikimedi CommonsArticle

(also known as Colman MacLenini)

Born in Munster, Ireland, 522-530; died c.600; cultus approved 1903. Son of Lenin, he became a poet and later royal bard at Cashel. The job of bard entailed the roles not only poet and musician, but also chronicler and genealogist. It is said that he became a Christian after rescuing from a lake the stolen shrine of Saint Ailbhe.

And what does this have to do with conversion? Saint Brendan came to Cashel to resolve a dispute. While he was there the grave and relics of Saint Ailbhe were discovered. Colman took part in that finding. Saint Brendan said that hands that had been sanctified by touching such holy remains should not remain the hands of a pagan. So it happened that at age 50 Colman was baptized Colman by Saint Brendan.

Thereafter, he embraced the monastic life, was ordained, and preached in Limerick and Cork. In the Life of Saint Columba of Terryglass, Colman is said to have been Saint Columba’s teacher and guardian. Late in life he founded the church of Cloyne and became its first bishop. Colman is the patron saint of Cloyne in eastern Cork (Attwater, Benedictines, Delaney, Montague, Walsh).

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