Saints of the Day – Chrysanthus and Daria

Saint Chrysanthus and Saint DariaArticle

Died c.283? Chrysanthus and Daria were certainly early martyrs, buried on the New Salarian Way outside Rome, but their popular and much-discussed legend is no more than a romance.

According to it, Chrysanthus was a young Alexandrian in Rome, whose father tried to wean him from Christianity by means of the blandishments of a Greek priestess of Minerva, Daria. Instead he converted her and they entered into a virginal marriage.

The couple was distinguished in Rome for their zealous profession and practice of the Christian faith. They in turn brought about many conversions, including a company of soldiers who were all beheaded.

They were themselves martyred under Numerian and Carinus by being buried alive in a sand-pit on the Salarian Way. While Christians were praying at their tomb, the emperor ordered its entrance to be blocked up and the worshippers were left there to perish (Attwater, Benedictines, Encyclopedia).

In art they are depicted as husband and wife with an axe and a torch. Sometimes they are pictured buried alive; in Parma with SS Philip and James Major (Roeder). These patrons of governors are venerated at Parma, Reggio, Salzburg, and Siena (Roeder).

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