Saints of the Day – Charles of Sezze

photograph of the incorrupt body of Saint Charles of SezzeArticle

(born John Charles Marchioni)

Born at Sezze, Roman Campagna, Italy, October 19, 1616; died in Rome in January 6, 1670; beatified in 1882; canonized by Pope John XXIII in 1959; feast day may be January 6 or 7. Born of humble parents in the Roman Campagna, John Charles Marchioni (or possibly Melchoir) became a shepherd and wanted to become a priest. When unable to do so because of his poor scholarship (he barely learned to read and write), he became a lay brother of Franciscan Order at Naziano (in Rome?), served in various menial positions – cook, porter, gardener – at different monasteries near Rome and became known for his holiness, simplicity, and charity. His was a life of great mystical experiences; it is told that his heart was pierced by a ray of light proceeding from the Sacred Host, which left a visible wound. He wrote several mystical works, lived a life of great mortifications, and worked heroically to help the stricken in the plague of 1656 (Attwater, Benedictines, Delaney, Perotti).

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