Saints of the Day – Blessed Peter de la Cadireta


Born in Moya, Catalonia, Spain; died 1277. Among the martyrs contributed by the Dominican province of Spain was Peter de la Cadireta. He had been a companion of Saint Raymond of PeƱafort in Barcelona. Raymond had been especially interested in the conversion of the Moors and other infidels, and to this end founded a school of Eastern languages to train future evangelists in Hebrew, Arabic, and others. It could not have made Raymond happy to know one of his most promising students was almost guaranteed an early martyrdom: in 1258, Peter was appointed to the office of inquisitor in his homeland of Spain. His two predecessors, Pons de Planedis and Bernard de Traversa, were both martyred.

Peter enjoyed the longest career of the three; he worked for 20 years before his was captured and stoned to death at Urgell in 1277. Thereafter, he was laid to rest next to the other two in the cathedral, although by this time there was a Dominican convent in Urgell, of which he had been the prior. It appears that his relics are now venerated at the church of Saint Dominic in Urgell (Benedictines, Dorcy).

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