Saints of the Day – Blessed Nonius Alvarez de Pereira

Saint Nuño de Santa Maria Álvares PereiraArticle

(also known as Nuñes, Nuñez)

Born at Bomjardin near Lisbon, Portugal, 1360; died in Lisbon, November 1, 1431; cultus approved for Portugal and the Carmelites in 1918. Nuñes was born to a traditional military family. He married at 17, and was named commander of Portugal’s armies in 1383, when he was only 23, by the grand master of the knights of Aviz, who became King John I. The knights led a revolt against Spanish domination and established Portugal as an independent state when they defeated the Castillan army at the battle of Aljubarrota in 1385, and John became king. After the death of his wife in 1422, Nuñes became a Carmelite lay brother in a friary he had founded in Lisbon, where he died.

Called the Great Constable, he is one of the premier national heroes of Portugal, celebrated in the 16th century epic Chronica Condestavel (Benedictines, Delaney).

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