Saints of the Day – Blessed Martyrs of China and Cochin-China

Martyrs of VietnamArticle

Died 1823-1856; beatified in 1900.

Antony Quinh-Nam was born in 1768. He was a native catechist and physician of Cochin-China, who became attached to the Foreign Missions of Paris. He was imprisoned for the faith in 1838 and was strangled to death two years later.

Laurence Pe-Man was a laborer, who became a convert of Blessed Augustus Chapdelaine. He was beheaded in 1856 after being tortured at Su-Lik-Hien in the province of Kwang-Si.

Blessed Peter Dumoulin was born at Cors, diocese of Tulle, France, in 1808, and entered the seminary for Foreign Missions of Paris in 1829, being sent to Tonkin after his ordination in 1832. In 1836 he was arrested. While in prison he was appointed titular bishop and vicar apostolic of western Tonkin. Bishop Dumoulin was beheaded in 1838.

Blessed Peter Choa and Vincent Diem were Tonkinese priests. They were strangled at Dong-Hoi in 1838 (Benedictines).

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