Saints of the Day – Blessed Leo of Saint-Bertin, Abbot

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Born at Furnes, Flanders; died 1163. Born of a noble Flemish family, Leo was almoner at the court of the count of Flanders when he was 20 but left to become a monk at the monastery at Auchin. He was appointed abbot of Lobbes Abbey and restored the abbey and discipline there. In 1138, Leo was named abbot of the famous Saint-Bertin Monastery, which he ruled for 25 years.

In 1146, Leo accompanied Thierry of Alsace, count of Flanders, to Jerusalem during the Second Crusade, bringing back reputed drops of blood of Christ supposedly collected by Joseph of Arimathea while he was washing the Savior’s body. These are still venerated at Bruges, Belgium. In 1152, his monastery was destroyed by fire but with the help of William of Ypres, he rebuilt it. Leo was blind the last two years of his life (Benedictines, Delaney).

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